CDsite 1.1

Backup your website to CD or DVD


  • Pre-configured for backing up websites
  • Works from any location


  • Only works with websites based on selected frameworks


Have you ever wanted to burn your website and database onto a CD or DVD? If so, CDsite is a pack of tools that contains Apache 2.0.59, PHP 5.2.0, Zend Optimizer 3,2, MySQL 5,0 Community Server and WinCron 1.01. These are all the tools you'll need to backup the vast majority of websites.

Fortunately, each application comes preconfigured for the web meaning you can perform backups as soon as you've downloaded the package. It basically makes preparing backups pretty straightforward even for those without much familiarity with the packages. Another bonus is that CDsite also works from any location, including folders with several names that contain spaces.

This is an essential tool for those who don't have any other method of backing up their website - a hard copy on a CD or DVD is much securer than on a hard drive.

CDSITE is designed for putting any Apache, PHP, MySQL, SQLite based website onto CD or DVD.

It also includes an interactive monitor and installer.



CDsite 1.1

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